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2022 Videos available for purchase

2022 Webcast Videos

All games are available for download, at $12.50 for one download. Some games have issues, these games will be priced at either $6 or $0 and will be reflected when you check out.  The opening ceremony and awards are 1 CENT each.  This is so you can purchase just these 2 files without any other purchase. 

You need to download the video files to your computer or a flash drive and then you can play them on any device that accepts a USB drive.  

If you are unable to download the videos, you will get a refund, and then you need to order a DVD, please email me at and include the game number, boys or girls and court number.  DVDs will be $20 each which includes shipping, please allow 1-4 weeks. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you for the cost.

Reminder, all broadcasters and camera operators are amateurs and volunteers.  

Remember, the purchase of the videos pays to keep the webcast FREE for everyone.  Please do not share files (except the ones that are free).  Our hope is to keep the webcast free forever, but that only will happen with everyone's honest purchases.  


Once you select the videos you want to purchase and download, click "add to cart" - you may select more than one, then you will be asked to login or create a login.  Please do so and then you can proceed to put in your Paypal information. We only accept Paypal.  It's free to create an account.  Any questions should be directed to

Most games are between 2GB and 4GB in size, so please keep this in mind when you download your purchases.  Only download 1 file at a time.  If your videos don't play, please check their size, you may not have gotten the entire file and need to download again.

Please double check you are selecting the correct BOYS and GIRLS teams and COURT #.  Please look these up at

IF you have any trouble with getting your downloads, PLEASE email me at to let me know.  Please give me up to 24 hours to resolve it for you.  Please let us respond before you open a case with PayPal.  This is the first time with this new system, we will work out any issues that arise. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you need to go back to your account to continue downloading your files, please go to this link:

Item - 2022-03-17 Opening Ceremony CTSFW.mp4
Item - B01-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B01-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B02-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B02-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B03-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B03-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B04-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B04-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B05-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B05-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B06-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B06-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B07-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B07-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B08-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B08-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B09-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B09-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B10-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B10-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B11-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B11-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B12-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B12-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B13-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B13-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B14-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B14-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B15-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B15-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B16-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B16-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B17-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B17-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B18-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B18-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B19-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B19-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B20-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B20-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B21-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B21-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B22-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B22-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B23-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B23-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B24-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B24-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B25-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B25-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B26-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B26-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B27-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B27-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B28-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B28-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B29-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B29-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B30-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B30-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B31-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B31-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B32-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B32-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B33-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B33-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B34-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B35-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B35-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B36-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B36-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B37-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B37-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B38-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B38-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B39-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B39-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B40-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B40-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B41-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B41-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B42-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B43-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B42-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B43-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B44-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B45-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B46-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B47-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B48-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B49-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B50-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B51-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B51-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B52-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B52-Girls-Court2.mp4
Item - B53-Boys-Court3.mp4
Item - B53-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B54-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B54-Girls-Court4.mp4
Item - B55-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B55-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B56-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - B56-Girls-Court3.mp4
Item - B57-Boys-Court2.mp4
Item - B57-Girls-Court1.mp4
Item - B60-Boys-Court1.mp4
Item - B61-Boys-Court4.mp4
Item - Awards.mp4