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Playing Rules

Playing Rules

6.01    National Federation High School basketball (NFHS) rules shall govern play except where such rules are specifically superseded by Lutheran Basketball Association of America rules.

6.02    Six minute quarters will be played in the Grade School Division. Three minute overtime periods will be played until the game comes to a conclusion.

6.03    All games shall have certified high school or college basketball officials as assigned by the tournament directors.

6.04    The official roster score sheet must be approved at time of registration.

6.05    A team must be ready to play at the scheduled game time or a game forfeit may be declared.

6.06    Any person ejected from a game shall be ineligible to participate in his or her team’s next scheduled game.

6.07    Any protest must be submitted to the tournament directors in accordance with the NFHS rules immediately following the incident being protested.  Play shall be suspended while the directors adjudicate the protest, and the judgment rendered may not be appealed once play resumes.