Mel Doering Team Sportsmanship Award

In 2006, the Lutheran Basketball Association of America added a new award presented on Super Sunday, the Mel Doering Team Sportsmanship Award.  Like the individual sportsmanship awards, the team sportsmanship award is earned for good behavior.  Sportsmanship is an imposition of a code of conduct on everyone that supersedes any competition or any consideration of winning or losing.  This award may be presented annually to the team, cheerleaders, and fans of one church or school that best exemplify the qualities of sportsmanship.  These teams recognize and acknowledge talents equal to, better than, or less than theirs; teams who play and cheer with enthusiasm yet appreciate the opponent's abilities.  It is not an award to recognize a superstar team, but an award to distinguish a team who spiritually and morally sets the example of Christian sportsmanship and enthusiasm.  The award is intended to honor teams who best demonstrate the qualities and conduct of fair play and cheering accompanied by the capacity to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.  

Mel Doering Past Award Recipients

2022 Grace Menomonee Falls, WI
2018 St. Paul Lutheran Mount Prospect, IL
2015 Trinity Lutheran Toledo, OH
2013 St. Paul Lutheran Fort Wayne, IN
2011 St. John Lutheran Chaska, MN
2007 Christ Lutheran Stevensville, MI
2006 First Lutheran Ponca City, OK